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A Stepmother's Marchen

by Spice&Kitty

A stepmother's marchen vol. 1

It’s a manhwa about a young old widow, Shuri von Neuschwanstein, taking care of her non-blood related children. Her children disliked her as well as the public opinion, and so by the time Jeremy’s wedding came, she left the household, feeling unappreciated for all the hard she has done. While leaving the castle, she got caught up in an accident and died. But, she woke up transported back in time seven years ago on the day her husband died, giving her a second chance to amend their relationship.

The art is so beautiful, and the diversity in characters is nice. I like Shuri as a character since she doesn’t calculate every step just because she knows the past timeline, but instead she used the past to understand the situation better. In other words, there isn’t really a “oh if you make this mistake again, it will lead to your doom”.

I’ll for sure recommend it if you like some dark drama, some romance, and a wholesome family manhwa. If you also like setting to be based on something more historically accurate, then this may also be a lovely read.

Anna, 16


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