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Not Hungry

by Kate Karyus Quinn Not Hungry (YA Verse): 9781538382691: Karyus Quinn, Kate: Books

Jane is a high school girl struggling with the ins and outs of family, her sister's abusive relationship with Er-ick, and the greatest hardship of all-her eating disorder. Over the course of the story, her binge eating isn't taken serious by Toby, the guy next door, her classmates, and even her mother, who all either mock at it or misinterpret it as a strict diet. As she goes about her everyday life, readers get an insight to her thoughts surrounding her, her body image, and just how strong of a bond she has with her sister.

I don't normally read books with a poem structure, but I found this one pleasant and I interpreted the wild structure of the story like how June's thoughts are-dark. However, I do believe there was more room for exploration in June's character like how other issues besides her disorder had impacted her (like the mockery her or her sister Mae faced). Overall though, I enjoyed reading this book, as well as the moments she shared with her sister.

I'm not sure I would recommend this book to others. As mentioned previously, it discusses June's eating disorder as well as her self depreciating mindset so it can definitely be a heavy read at times.

Lucia, 14


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