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Bless Me, Ultima

by Rudolfo Anaya

Bless Me UltimaThe novel Bless Me, Ultima is about a young boy who struggled to find his own beliefs and path in life. His parents couldn't be more different: his dad being a free spirit, while his mom is completely religious. Antonio is introduced to several beliefs by other characters who are alienated from society based on their own personal beliefs.

I loved this book because it demonstrates how a young child is forced to chose his/her own path and not what people want him/her to. I love how Ultima, a curandera or healer bonds with Antonio and helps him overcome his fear of losing faith in Society's beliefs. I also loved how Rudolfo Anaya introduces the Hispanic language into the novel, so the reader can be pulled into the language of the people.

I would certainly recommend this book to people who have a background of the Spanish language; however, anybody can still enjoy this book without knowing Spanish. This novel is a classic of the Hispanic novels, because of how the author uses the language to untie the reader with the society in the novel. This novel was perfectly bonded so anyone can read and know what is happening, and the book has some mystery and magic.

Lauren, 17


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