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Fat Cat

by Robin Brande

Fat Cat coverCat is a girl struggling with her weight as well as identity issues--one of which includes her long-broken friendship with smart, funny, rival/ex-best friend Matt. Her life only gets worse when she gets assigned a crazy school project, but she decides to put a spin on it by, essentially, going on a diet and becoming the girl she wants to be. 

I feel like it's supposed to be an uplifting story for girls with weight issues, and don't get me wrong: it is, and it's a great, light easy teen read, but at the same time I wonder about the image it portrays to the readers. Can girls only become accepted and loved if they're skinny and "hot"? I think that this is one of the flaws of the book, but it's overall a so-so read. 

I would recommend this book, just because it IS funny and enjoyable. Maybe if you're struggling with the same issues as Cat, you might relate to it, you might not, but generally teen girls from the age of 13-16 would enjoy this.

Erica, 16


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