Running Out Of Time 

by Margaret Peterson Haddix
12/11/2017 Categories: middle grade suspense

Image result for Running Out Of TimeJessie, a thirteen year old living in a village in 1840, realizes that the people in her village are dying of diphtheria. Her mother reveals to her that it is actually 1996 and she is living in a reconstructed village that serves as a tourist site. Jessie is the only one able to escape into the outside world and get help to save her family.

I really enjoyed this book and have read it about four times. It has adventure and thrills throughout the whole story. It also shows what one might feel to be thrown into the future alone.

I would recommend this book to pretty much everyone. It contains drama, corrupt leaders, and thrills.

Emily, 16


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The Death Cure 

by James Dashner
08/12/2017 Categories: action survival stories suspense

Hey, guys! So The Death Cure is the second-to-last book(The last one is the prequel, Kill Order.), following Thomas and his gang on the journey throughout the Maze Runner series, with this book, in the beginning, you learn who is immune to the Flare, and who isn't. Yes, some of our beloved characters must get picked off. Sadly. Gally comes in again. He made another appearance in Scorch Trials as well.

I really enjoyed this book, but not as much as I liked Scorch Trials. This book really wraps things up for Wicked and Maze Runner fans. Thomas is left with a few of his friends behind, because they died. Newt, he had the Flare, and asked Tommy to kill him. (Everyone loved Newt!) and Teresa has her last say in this book. In the earlier book, she betrays Thomas, and he never forgives her. So, in The Death Cure, Teresa pays back her debt, and saves Thomas from a crushing ice wall. She literally gets squished.

I would recommend this book to people who have already read the other Maze Runner books, and are ready for the finale. No one really knows what happens after The Death Cure, but you can read what happened before the first book, The Maze Runner. Like I have mentioned before, the "last" book and very first book is the prequel, Kill Order. Read all of them and do a review!

Priscilla, 12


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Along Came a Spider 

by James Patterson
08/10/2017 Categories: kidnapping mystery older teens suspense

Image result for along came a spider

After the kidnapping of a young girl, detective Alex Cross undertakes the task of finding her. During his investigation, he comes across the murders of a family as well as a school-teacher. Ultimately, he connects all of these crimes to one psychopath who he must catch before time runs out.

I'm a sucker for mystery books and it had such a thrilling plot. I tried to work out the mystery while reading just like Detective Cross. The book made me very suspicious of pretty much everyone in the book except for the narrator because it's in his perspective, but Patterson placed a few plot twists that was surprising. However, those plot twists were what got me hooked to the book.

This book is a mystery novel, so naturally, I would recommend it people who like reading mystery. However, I don't think it should be just limited to mystery enthusiasts. Even though in the beginning, Patterson doesn't give away the criminal, the last half of the book is focused on catching the killer and finding his motive.

Heejeong, 18


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The Lovely Bones 

by Alice Sebold
04/29/2017 Categories: child abuse murder rape suspense

A a 14 year old girl is kidnapped, raped and murdered. She goes to "heaven" and has to watch her family and friends deal with her death and find out who killed her. She also has to accept what has happened to her and move on.

I really liked this book, it was interesting how the author made the girl go to her own heaven. It was a very emotional book and it's heartbreaking how she has to watch her family but she can't talk to them ever again. It's sad but it's hard to put down.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes books about crime and murder. If you like books about how families and friends deal with the loss of someone close to them you should read this book. It really hard to put down once you start reading.

Sandra, 16


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The Devil You Know 

by Trish Doller
11/25/2016 Categories: murder older teens road trip romance suspense

This book was about a girl named Cadie, who has been raising her baby brother since her mother died. Cadie has just turned 18 and wants to get out of the house and go to a party. There she meets a pair of cousins and decides she is going to go on an adventure with them. She is finally enjoying her life, until something tragically goes wrong. 

The Devil You Know is a book full of twists and turns. It will leave you thinking until the last page. The book is full of deception, romance, and it will draw you in until you can not put it down. 

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes excitement because it is fun and will keep you on your toes. This book is exactly what you want to read if you are looking for adventure. 

Mackenzie, 15


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The Light of the Fireflies 

by Paul Pen
11/24/2016 Categories: child abuse mystery suspense

This haunting tale is of a little boy and his family that remain unnamed throughout the story. The main character who is referred to as Boy lives with his parents, brother, sister, and grandmother in a basement which is locked from the inside. Everyone in his family except him are disfigured due to a fire before his birth leaving Sister doomed to wear a white mask to cover her burns. After the birth of his sister's baby everyone begins to act secretive and leaving Boy with the question of where it could have come from. Boy is given a secret mission by his sister to find a way out of the basement and escape their Father who she swears is the father of her child. Boy sets out to find who is the real monster in his family and save his little nephew from them all.

The Light of the Fireflies is a very attention grabbing story that shows the lengths a family would go to for the safety of their loved ones. I liked how none of the characters had names because it added a sense of mystery.

I would recommend this book to older teens who want to read about mystery, suspense, and slight child abuse.

Emily, 15


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by Dani Pettrey
07/12/2016 Categories: family drama murder suspense

Submerged is a story about a girl who returns to her hometown in Alaska for her aunt's funeral, only to find out her aunt's death was no accident. She does not want to stay, since her questionable past is remembered in the small town, but she might be the only person who can solve her aunt's murder.

I really enjoyed Submerged. It was a quality read since the writing was believable, not far-fetched. I also enjoyed the character development the author used to make the small-town characters come to life.

I would recommend Submerged to fans of subtle romance and mysteries. Fans of the Dee Henderson would love Submerged.

Amanda, 16


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by Dani Pettry
07/12/2016 Categories: family drama romance suspense

Stranded is a story about a reporter named Darcy St. James, who embarks on an Alaskan cruise at the request of her reporter friend, Abby. When Abby goes missing, and no one else seems to care, it's up to Gage and Darcy to find her. But as Darcy keeps digging, she realizes Abby is not the only one who has disappeared

I enjoyed Stranded because of the mystery it presented. Additionally, the character development and character interaction was more realistic than some of Pettrey's past novels.

I would recommend Stranded to fans of CSI/FBI themed novels. Fans of Dee Henderson would enjoy this novel too.

Amanda, 16




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by Dani Pettrey

Silenced is a book about a girl named Kayden who finds a murder victim while rock climbing. As she works on the case with Jake, a former detective, they find that the present seems to be repeating Jake's past.

Silenced was a definite page-turner due to the mystery and suspense of the novel. I, however, found that this suspense seems to hide the fact that the first mystery did not feel resolved before you are caught up in this next one. I am generally impressed by the novel, but I wish there had been more resolution.

I would recommend this book to fans of romance and mystery books. Since this book is similar to some of Irene Hannon and Dee Henderson's works, fans of those authors would really enjoy this book.

Amanda, 16


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Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire 

J.K Rowling

Harry Potter is back to his fourth year at Hogwarts. This time, he is getting roped into taking part in the Tri-wizard Tournament; the problem is, he didn't enter. The whole school is against him, and he has to ignore that, while also trying to stay alive.

I liked this book because it was very action packed, and was interesting to read. It was very descriptive, and made me almost feel like I was there.


I would recommend this book to people who want to continue with the Harry Potter series, or anyone who likes reading about magic.


Natalie, 14




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Princess Academy : Palace of Stone  

by Shannon Hale

This book was about a young girl, Miri, who was invited to her best friend's wedding. Her best friend happens to be a princess, and Miri soon discovers a plot to assassinate her. Miri must use her skills to find the killer, while also making sure it never happens again.

It was an interesting read, but can also be a bit slow at times. The overall plot was interesting and unpredictable.

I would recommend this book to people who like reading about medieval times with modern twists. In my opinion, the book would appeal more toward girls.

Natalie, 14


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Cress : The Lunar Chronicles  

by Marissa Meyer
04/22/2016 Categories: fairy tale retelling sci fi suspense

Cress follows the journey of several people throughout their journey to save Earth from the lunar planet. The main focus throughout the book is on characters Cress and Thorne, who crashed on earth from a satellite, and they now must find their way through the desert. Cress has never been on Earth, so she must learn to adapt, and handle what she came to do.

I liked this book because it was never boring, and was interesting to read. The book mixes both action and romance to form a very well written book that keeps you guessing after every chapter, which is fun to read.

I would recommend this book to others if they like a bit of a futuristic aspect, and those who like love stories. The perspectives switch around after every chapter, so it may be appealing to some readers.

Natalie, 14


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Vicious: A Pretty Little Liar's Novel 

by Sara Shepard

This book was about the ending of the Pretty Little Liars Series. It follows the lives of the four girls as they are set to go into trial. The girls must find a way to prove their innocence, before it is too late. Along the way, they learn what they truly want, and who they really are.

This book was interesting because it was full of suspense and really make you second-guess everything you thought you knew about these girls. It also provided a cliffhanger ending that really made you want more.

I would recommend this book to those who enjoy a bit of mystery, while also enjoying a modern day take. The book is filled with suspense, and the switching perspectives make it very fun to read.

Natalie, 14


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The Ruby Circle: a Bloodlines novel 

by Richelle Mead
04/19/2016 Categories: romance suspense vampires

This book followed the paths of Sydney and Adrian in their attempts to find and rescue their friend Jill. They must find her in time, both to ensure her safety, and to make sure that the current queen remains queen. The newly married couple must also learn how to manage their own inner demons to succeed in their quest.

This book is a good book to read because it incorporates action and romance into a wonderful storyline. The ending is also entirely unexpected, and the story was full of suspense, which kept me thinking.

I would recommend this book to people who enjoy action filled stories, or to people who enjoy reading about love. The book can get very descriptive about the fight scenes, which could make some people not want to read it.

Natalie, 14


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Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children 

by Ransom Riggs
04/19/2016 Categories: murder mystery older teens suspense

Jacob Portman thinks he's just about as normal as a 16 year old boy could get. However, after his grandfather's strange death, he begins to ask questions about his grandfather's peculiar life. Who really was Grandpa Portman? A trip to the island from his grandfather's childhood answers these questions, and turns Jacob's life upside down.

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children is slightly scary at first. There are so many unanswered questions, which makes you want to read more. I love the twists that the author puts around every corner, making it an unpredictable story.

If you like creepy or 20th century setting books, then Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children would be perfect for you. Also, if you like unexpected outcomes and monsters, this will be a great read for you.

Alex, 15


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