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Dark Matter

by Blake Crouch

Dark matter : a novel

Jason Dessen has happy life with a lovely family and an ordinary job. Everything was great until he was kidnapped, drugged, and suddenly woke up in a place that wasn't his own. For that moment onward, his life turns into an array of perilous incidents that prevent him from meeting with his wife and son.

Dark Matter is the dictionary definition of an explosive page-turner, I finished it in one and a half days and tended to re-read the whole thing immediately, but I know how to contain myself. The plot is another great take on the multiverse concept, and the science combines both actuality and imagination seamlessly which hooks you on the story. You know this is a great book when you strip all of the sci-fi stuff, and the story boils down to a father who got separated from his family and tries his everything best to be with them, it is a personal and heartful story that is strengthened with multiverse travel which is enormously bonkers.  The prose is simple enough that it plays into the strength of the book, making it a certified page-turner.

I absolutely recommend Dark Matter to anyone who wants to break out of a reading slump. If you enjoy the multiverse concept, read it because it is another fresh take on the idea. Also, check your schedule because this book will keep you up all night, so be careful.

Minh, 16


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