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The Scarlet Letter

by Nathaniel Hawthorne

The scarlet letter

A woman cheats on her husband and has a daughter out of wedlock. And the story is how she lives after being a pariah by her people.

This book was okay, and it wasn't very good. The writing style is older and a little complicated. It was also boring because nothing interesting really happened. I didn't like how she was displayed in the story.

I would recommend this to older generations or to people who feel like they're displaced. Or people who would rather be on their own than listen to the demands and rules of society.

Jordan, 18


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The Unhoneymooners

by Christina Lauren

The Unhoneymooners

A couple about to get married has plans but in some way their maid of honor and best man take the trip instead of the married couple. The maid of honor and best man hate each other how will they last on a trip.

This book was good in a comedy romance way. The people that go on the vacation argue in the best way and make the funniest jokes. By the end of the trip their feelings for each other switch.

Yes I would recommend the book for those that love romance comedy and enemies to lovers trope. It has so many different aspects that make the book really enjoyable.

Nadia, 16


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