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Ramona Blue

by Julie Murphy

Ramona Blue

Ramona Blue by Julie Murphy tells the story of Ramona, a teenage girl who is navigating her identity and relationships in a small town after Hurricane Katrina. While the book explores important themes of self-discovery, family dynamics, and sexual orientation, I personally found it to be lacking in depth and character development.

I had mixed feelings about Ramona Blue. While the book tackles important topics and addresses the complexities of identity, I felt that the plot lacked cohesion and direction. The pacing was slow, and the characters felt underdeveloped, making it difficult for me to fully connect with them.

I would cautiously recommend Ramona Blue to readers who appreciate coming-of-age stories and are interested in exploring themes of identity and sexuality. However, I would also suggest being prepared for a slower-paced narrative and characters that may not resonate as strongly. It's important to approach this book with an understanding that personal opinions may vary, and some readers may find deeper meaning and connection within its pages.

Jane, 13


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