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Swing It, Sunny! by Jennifer Holm

Swing it, Sunny (Sunny, Book 2) (2): Holm, Jennifer L., Holm, Matthew:  9780545741729: Books

In the mid-70's, a girl named Sunny, who thinks of her life as her own personal show, faces middle school and deals with lots of family problems--like when her older brother Dale gets sent off to a military academy because of his behavior. But Sunny learns: when life has you down, swing up!

I LOVED this book! I loved all the colors (it's a graphic novel) and how alive the illustrations look. I just feel like I'm there! Also, I love how it's set in the 70's. I love to see stuff that was YEARS before my time, because I can look back and be like, "Wow, the 70's were insane!"

If you like, funny, upbeat, and sometimes heartbreaking and hopeful graphic novels, then Swing It, Sunny! is a great option for you!

Ofel, 11


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The Importance of Wings by Robin Friedman

The Importance of Wings – Charlesbridge

A girl and her sister face challenges and the boundaries of having their mother leave to go to Israel. Previously, they used to live in Israel as young children, but then they moved to America. The main character, Roxanne, LOVES television. She watched Wonder Woman and idolized her, and Roxanne longs to be all-American, but that's hard in an Israeli household!

I absolutely LOVED this book! It was so entertaining, it was humorous and sometimes quite saddening. Also, it's set in the 80's. And they didn't have phones. BIG SHOCKER. Either way, it makes it even more fun, because there were so many cool and wacky things in the 80's. This story also involves a lot of TV shows, which I like.

If you like really fun, contemporary fiction books with lots of funny things, very detailed things, and present-tense books (which I like, because it feels like I'm really there.), then The Importance of Wings by Robin Friedman is the book for you! Also, I think that people ages 11 and up would enjoy this book, since it's about middle school and eighth grade, so for older kids, it would be a bit more relatable. 

Ofel, 11


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