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Diary of Anne Frank

by Anne Frank

One word. Wow. This book caused me to read it like, five times before understanding it, and taking it in. The timeline that Anne Frank wrote it in could still strike terror in people's hearts

I would explain it as a truly inspiring book. This book will make you get a new perspective on our history, and our future.

EVERYONE should read this fantastic diary-written book written by a young girl. If you haven't heard about it, you should definitely read it.!

Priscilla, 12


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Girl Online : The First Novel By Zoella

by Zoe Sugg

Girl Online follows an anonymous teenage blogger, who is known as “Penny” – a clumsy, anxious, and sweet girl who has struggled a long time with panic attacks. When in New York for her mom's job, she meets Noah. She slowly begins to fall in love with him, unaware of his secret identity of a famous musician.

This book was a really good book to read, because it was exciting throughout, and was not entirely predictable. It also has a great romance storyline, and is very relatable to teenagers.

This book would be good for someone who likes reading about romance with a more realistic storyline. It isn't much of an action filled book, and has a particularly English tone.

Natalie, 14


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The Girl Who Chased Away Sorrow

by Ann Turner

CoverIn January of 1864, a Navajo girl named Sarah Nita loses her family to some American troops. She and her sister Kaibah must flee to a canyon, where she finds people in the same tribe as her father. Once they get caught as well, she makes it her mission to find her lost family.

It was an interesting book. Not much big vocabulary, but Sarah Nita does tell nice stories. I liked it, and it was a good book.

If you are into Native Americans and nature, then this is the book you've been looking for!

Francesca, 12


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My Heart is on the Ground: the Diary of Nannie Little Rose

by Ann Rinaldi

Heart coverIn 1880, at the Carlisle school for Indians, a girl named Nannie Little Rose has to keep her friend out of trouble while she's on a mission of her own in the book named My Heart is on the Ground.

In my opinion, it was just another book. My Heart is on the Ground is average, nothing special.

I would recommend My Heart is on the Ground to children who like Indians, and the mystical world of spirits.

Francesca, 12


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by James A. Michener

Image result for Caribbean by James A. MichenerThe book Caribbean, is actually several stories in one book. It tells the history of the Caribbean islands through the eyes of the people who had a major effect on the archipelago. It contains all points of history from the first tribal conflicts in Cuba to the Revolutionary War to WWII to the reign of Fidel Castro.

I like this book because it has many memorable fictional characters who mingle around with historical events and people. it has detailed accounts of battles fought through letters written by the solders who fought them.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes historical fiction and adventure.

Liam, 15


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Daddy Long Legs

by Jean Webster

Image result for daddy long legs by jean websterA classic novel documenting the story of orphan Judy Abbott as she receives the chance to become an author, provided by a mysterious benefactor she lovingly nicknames "Daddy Long Legs".

Daddy Long Legs is written in a letter format, from Judy to Daddy Long Legs, and is an unusual yet refreshingly satisfactory book. I loved Daddy Long Legs for its rare and unique writing style. Even though it's a classic and was written long ago, the plot twists were amusing and surprising at the same time.

I would recommend this book to girls of any age, or to anybody who likes reading books with a bit of a old-fashioned flair. If you also enjoy reading things with a diary-like format, this book is for you!

Erica, 16


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