Click the banner for your age group below to get started, or download the READsquared app from the app store on your smart phone or tablet! Click here for instructions.Click here for crafts and activities.

Baby Summer Virtual Activity Challenge Kids Summer Virtual Activity Challenge

 Tween Summer Virtual Activity Challenge Teen Virtual Summer Activity ChallengeAdult Summer Virtual Activity Challenge

1. Sign up for the Summer Virtual Activity Challenge between June 29 and August 16 2020 online using the banner for your age group above.

2. For each activity you complete, you will be entered into a weekly drawing for digital gift cards! Participate and complete 30 of the activities for babies, kids, tween and 40 of the activities for teens to be eligible for a completion prize at the end of the summer.

3. Winners will be notified via email and sent their prize, a digital card.

4. Craft Curbside Pickup – To pick up your craft/activity bag:

           -Call 760-839-5456 when you arrive at the Library and let us know what you’d like to pick up.

         -Pickup hours (while supplies last):Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.

          -Crafts are available on a weekly basis and must be picked up on the week the craft is taking place.

Click here for Craft and Activity Bag info!

Click here for information on Kids Summer Virtual Activity Challenge!

Signing up:

  1. Click on the banner for your age group above to go to the Summer Virtual Activity Challenge page.
  2. Click on “Register”in the upper right corner. Choose “Myself” for individual registration or “Myself and Children” for family registration, and answer the questions.
  3. For Family Registration, create the Adult account first, then answer the questions to add each child. After each child has been added, click on “Done Adding Children.”


Logging Your Activities:

  1. Click on the banner for your age group above to go to the Summer Virtual Activity Challenge page.
  2. Click the "log in" button in the upper right hand corner.
  3. Enter your username and password and click "login".
  4. Click the "complete now" button for any of the activities you have completed.
  5. For Family Accounts, select the name of the child from the drop down menu under “Family Accounts.” Repeat step 4 to log an activity.


If you need assistance, please call or text us between 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, or 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday at 442-777-3799 or e-mail us at

Avalible while supplies last. Click on the age group heading for the list of activities for each age group.



Storytime To Go Activity Kits – Pick this up for storytimes at home!
*Please note: This can only be picked up ONCE during the Summer Virtual Activity Challenge, this is not a weekly kit


Week 1: Catapult Kit
Week 2: Straw Pan Flute
Week 3: Wooden Ball Labyrinth
Week 4: Coffee Filter Art & Science Butterfly
Week 5: Parachute Kit
Week 6: Dancing Person Kit
Week 7: Boat Experiment Kit


Week 3: Cookies n Create: A Painting Activity Kit Part 1
Week 4: DIY Bracelet Kit
Week 6: Cookies n Create: A Painting Activity Kit Part 2


Week 1: DIY Disco Ball
Week 2: Emoji Bookmark
Week 3: Marimo Moss Ball Mini Aquarium
Week 4: Clay Re-Leaf
Week 5: Bullet Journaling
Week 6: Tissue Paper Diffusion
Week 7: Safety Pin Bracelet

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