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Pet Sematary

by Stephen King

Pet Sematary: A Novel: King, Stephen: 9781501156700: Books

Pet Sematary is about tragedy and evil, and how the allure of 'something more' can overcome logic. A man named Louis Creed moves into a new home in Ludlow, Maine. The neighbors, an elderly couple, are nice, but Mr. Crandall has some secrets about the makeshift cemetery near their backyard. Or, more specifically, what's beyond the gravesite.

Pet Sematary was a great book because of the space in between the tragedy. Stephen King describes the happy parts of the Creeds' lives, making them think everything's alright, while foreshadowing to the reader that something else is going to happen. He writes the devolution into insanity well in every book, but what stands out here is that Louis tries to rationalize his actions, and admits to knowing that what he's doing is wrong, but always goes back to 'But it's fine'.

If you enjoy Stephen King's other works, or are interested in which book scared the famous writer the most, you would enjoy Pet Sematary by Stephen King.

Mischa, 15


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The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

by V.E. Schwab

The invisible life of Addie LaRue

The Invisible Life of Addie Larue is a fictional book about a girl who was born in the 1600's in a small, rural village in France. She constantly felt as though the world had more to offer than her daily life of cooking, cleaning, helping her mother and finding books to read. On the day of her marriage, which was arranged by her parents, she runs off into the woods, and meets a 'God that answers after dark'. She proceeds to make a deal with him, which changes the course (and duration) of her life forever.

I really enjoyed reading this book. The imagery was captivating, and I could barely put it down, as I wanted to know what happened next. The plot was also very interesting, with several surprising plot twists.

I would recommend this book for anyone who enjoys historical fiction, romance and magic. I particularly like the fact that this book did not make romance the most important part of the plot.

Varvara, 14


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by Amanda Hocking


In Wake there is a happy family including two sisters. One of the girls gets hypnotized by sirens. The three sirens turn the sister into a siren and force her to leave her family, but one of her sisters and boyfriend soon find her and bring her home, but the 3 sirens find her again.

It was really good, I find it interesting because it's a girl with a normal life who gets dragged into a huge mess and her life gets completely destroyed.

If you are into fiction, you would really enjoy this book. It's not mermaids but sirens, they are much more dangerous than the little mermaid, Ariel. It is very magical.

Jaedyn, 15


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The Shining

by Stephen King

The shining

A fairly dysfunctional family has to stay together in a hotel cut off from the rest of the world for the summer. This hotel is infested by an evil spirit, one the young son of the family has many harsh encounters with. Danny, the boy, has a special ability, one this evil desperately wants.

The Shining is a thrilling book because the way Stephen King writes the different characters' perspectives provides insight into so many things. How the hotel begins to take over Jack's mind. How terrifying the nightmares that 'Tony' brings for Danny. How the survival instinct of a mom kicks in when her son is in danger. It dives deeper than a simple horror story.

If you like horror, the slow spread of insanity, and supernatural evils, then you would enjoy The Shining by Stephen King.

Mischa, 14


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Instant Karma

by Marissa Meyer

Instant karma

Prudence Barnett, an ambitious 10th grader, slips and falls. Suddenly she has the power to cast instant karma on those around her. Prudence quickly realizes that her power doesn't work on her lab partner Quint, and she finds out that karma isn't always black and white.

I really liked Instant Karma. It's different that Marissa Meyer's other books, but still very well-written. I loved how Prudence was developed, and how much she learned from Quint throughout the book. I liked their relationship, how much the two grow over rescuing and helping sea animals. Instant Karma has such a good message: that you shouldn't be so quick to judge others.

If you liked Marissa Meyer's other books, this is an excellent one to try. It has interesting characters, a good plot, and is very informative. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of this author and a romance/growing up story.

Landree, 14


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