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Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard Red Queen (Red Queen, 1) (9780062310644): Aveyard, Victoria:  Books

In Mare Barrow's world, people are divided by blood. People with red blood are commoners and are often poor, while silver-blooded people are the elite with powers. Mare Barrow finds herself in the lowest of the low. Her family is poor, she is red blooded, and she doesn't have a special talent, like her sister Gisa. Mare fears that she will be drafted into the war. When she is caught pickpocketing, from a silver, she is sent to work at the royal palace, where her life is changed forever.

This was an interesting book because as Mare's life is changed forever, she meets many new people along the way, learns a lot about herself, and she even learns the dark secrets held by the royal family. With an amazing plot twist, this book is very exciting.

For anyone looking for a good storyline and fast paced book, this is the one for you! I couldn't put this book down. Any gender will like this book, it has a really good story.

Avery, 15


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