Cafe con Lychee

by Emery Lee

The children of rival restaurants. They both face the dilemma of the shops that they love so dearly being sold due to the new restaurant, 'World Fusion Cafe' stealing their recipes and customers. They both begrudgingly have to work together but can they save their restaurants or will they find something deeper within themselves?

Cafe Con Lychee is an amazing book. The book really gets in the mind of the protagonists and feels as though you are immersed in their world! The plot is wonderful ( I LOVE THE FORCED PROXIMITY TROPE + THE ENEMIES TO LOVERS) and the different supporting characters that go through typical issues that high schoolers would face which I love as a high schooler right now.

I would recommend as someone who is part of the LGBTQ+ Community and being Hispanic, the lessons that are brought up are really important and hit close to home. I found comfort in the characters, which I feel like other people can connect to, or without identifying with such.

Jocelyn, 17


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