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Official 2018 Scrabble-Thon Results

Thank you to everyone who attended the 2018 Scrabble-Thon. We had a wide range of enthusiastic players of all ages and expertise show off their amazing Scrabble skills. Attendees also snacked on tasty goodies and participated in several opportunity drawings, the proceeds of which benefit the Library‚Äôs adult literacy program.

Scrabble-Thon 2018 Winners

Advanced Division:

1st Place - Yukiko Loritz

2nd Place- Gary Moss

3rd Place- Lynn Gunn


1st Place Team: Orange is the New Blank

2nd Place Team: Word Wizards

3rd Place Team: Cheesecake Heads


Intermediate Division:

1st Place - Renee Jacobs

2nd Place - Gwen Simmons

3rd Place - Arnita Foster


1st Place Team: Wordly Wonder Women

2nd Place Team: Team Bazinga

3rd Place Team: ECEA


Novice Division:

1st Place - Sherry Hanover

2nd Place - Judy Weichers

3rd Place - Pauline Morgan


Most Bingos:

Yukiko Loritz - 11



If you have questions about Scrabble-thon please contact Literacy Services at 760-839-5440.